I am In Here Somewhere
(really... Keep looking...)

A snapshot of Johnny Young's life at this moment in time:
Music, Pictures, Silly, Insane, Sentimental.

In Dreams I Awaken

In dreams I awaken
To feelings and wonder
Boundless and free
Asleep only to pain

In dreams I awaken
To light and sound
Surging and formless
Aware of NO limitations

In dreams I awaken
With wild abandon
I begin to explore
This Unknown Land

Johnny Young

Strange Gods

Strange Gods are walking
through the lands
looking for someone to lead them in
opening doorsways unseen
peering into our world unbidden
from doorways of stone

were they worshipped and then forgotten
Or are they Gods yet unborn
Its of no differnce to us,
their toys
Asgaroth the unknown God

hard at work!!
Johnny "Professor" Young
Keyboard player for

Lightning Blue  --  Blues band

King of the Floaty Stuff King Floater

Blue AngelThe Married Woman

Blue Angel Blue Angel

Chief animator for  Cosmation - animated sounds - click here for sample or purchase

cosmation still